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Our Services 

What We Offer:

Laboratory Services- 5 days a week starting at 8:30 am Monday - Friday 


General Adult Medicine- acute care for sick visits as well as ongoing chronic care including comprehensive physical exams, medicare physicals, and cancer screening based on patient need.


Weight Loss Program and High Quality Vitamins/Supplements– Comprehensive weight loss program including free seminars offered by our nutrition specialist, Renee Berry. Vitamins and supplements are available for purchase in our office

and through the following website:


Commercial Driver License Exams– Dr. Subrati is certified to perform CDL Exams


Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine- starting at age 5 we provide sick and well care for children including immunizations

and sports physicals


Full Women's Healthcare- gynecologic care including pap smears, menopause management and detection/treatment of osteoporosis


Pulmonary Function Testing- to evaluate asthma or other lung diseases


Comprehensive Cardiovascular Services: On-site cardiologist, echo-cardiograms, carotid ultrasound, Holter Monitor, Aortic Doppler Ultrasound, 24 hour BP monitor. 




Minor Surgery - such as removal of warts, moles and skin tags

  • Sports medicine

  • Physical Therapy

  • Psychiatry

  • Ophthalmology: Dr. Audrey Seligsohn, D.O. 973-299-6300 

  • Massage Therapy: Bryn Bennett 908-797-8752

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